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Rezultatele si produsele proiectului CONSOLE VET

CONSOLE VET - Imagini din timpul acivitatilor

CONSOLE VET - Imagini cu rezultate ale activitatilor desfasurate pe perioada mobilitatii

Title: CONSOlidating through online teaching and LEarning the quality of VET providers [CONSOLE VET]

Project type: LLP/LdV –  training mobility VETPRO
Ref. No.: LLP - LdV/VETPRO/2013/RO/185

Promoter /Coordinator: Grupul pentru Integrare Europeana (Group for European Integration GIE), Romania

Duration: September 2013 – June 2014

Current stage: in progress

Total value of the grant: 21.700 Euro

Value of the grant for Group for European Integration: 21.700 Euro


CONSOLE VET will involve two partner institutions: Group for European Integration (GIE) from Romania and CARDET from Cyprus. Both institutions have experience in running EU and transnational projects. Their cooperation in CONSOLE VET is based on perfect matching between the ultra-specific training needs of GIE's target group (VET trainers) and the VET provision delivered by CARDET in the field of eLearning and online programmes. In terms of target group, the project addresses the VET trainers that work in GIE and train different categories of persons (long-time and short-time unemployed, vulnerable persons, especially women, persons taking re-training and re-qualification, persons belonging to minority groups, etc.). As group of beneficiaries, CONSOLE VET will involve 10 VET trainers (of which one is in the same time the manager responsible with Human Resources at GIE).

The project will address the needs of professional training of VET trainers from GIE regarding the efficient implementation and use of eLearning/online tools, the correct utilization of didactic evaluation methods for online learning courses and assessment of learning outcomes in online programs.

The general objectives of CONSOLE VET project are:

  • Support the transfer of methods and the acquisition of skills and innovative practices in eLearning-based training suitable for VET;
  • Improve the quality of initial and continuing VET training in GIE by providing an opening towards European examples of good practices in online programmes for VET;
  • Put at the disposal of GIE’s trainers the opportunity to achieve continuing training in Europe, through a partnership with private company (CARDET) that is leader in inspiring next generation education.
  • Allow VET trainers of GIE to acquire specific skills for a better understanding of economic and social background of Cyprus.


The expected outcomes are:

  • 10 VET trainers better prepared to promote active learning and VET training, having improved English, communication and intercultural skills and increased competencies in MOOCs, Moodle, Web 2.0 and other eLearning platforms, in designing online courses, interactive teaching and didactic assessment in the field of VET;
  • Methodological Guide for VET trainers to help them develop, implement and use online study programmes;
  • A new course accredited by CNPFA with title “Tutor for online learning” that diversifies the professional training offer of GIE;
  • At least 10 online modules of courses (from those that GIE has already or from those planned to be implemented in the near future);
  • Increased attractiveness and access of GIE’s educational and professional training offer, due to online courses and programmes;
  • Implementation in GIE of types of online programmes whose functionning and utilization was presented during the training stage;
  • Better understanding of how to use online learning programmes and examples of how they function in Cardet.


The mobility will take place in Nicosia (Cyprus) at CARDET company, between 2nd and 15th of February 2014.


  1. GIE: Group for European Integration – coordinator (RO)
  2. CARDET: Centre for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology (CY)

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