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Empowering You

Title: Empowerment of young EU citizens through a gamified virtual collaboration platform for political and civic participation [EmpoweringYou]

Project type: Erasmus+ / KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for youth
Ref. no.: 2016-3-UK01-KA205-035114

Promoter /Coordinator: Inova Consultancy Ltd  (United Kingdom)

Duration: 01.03.2017 - 28.02.2019

Total project grant: 161550 Euro

Total grant for the Group for European Integration: 19520 Euro

Local coordinator for the Group for European Integration: Georgeta CHIRLESAN


Recent research has proven that gamification is a valuable tool for e-participation and educational and learning disciplines targeted to youth, based on interaction, collaboration, networking experimentation and creativity. The gaming experience offers a diversified, active and dynamic learning tool in the context of informal education, which contributes significantly in developing civic, social and intercultural skills and ICT literacy.

Based on this, the best way to rebrand social engagement and politics in an interesting, engaging way and help young people to participate in political and social life is through a creative, innovate and modern gamified platform offering basic education and training on democratic principles and imaginative activities, and engaging young EU citizens in discussions about democracy, access to rights and active citizen participation.

The target group of the project will be young adults aged 18-35 who present common social alienation and withdrawal characteristics such as dropping school, NEET, electoral abstinence, violent behaviour, etc. The selected age range is ideal as young adults from this age group are the most frequent and engaged platform users.

Aim and objectives:

The goal of the EmpoweringYou project is to promote political and social participation of young EU citizens at local, regional, national and European level, by developing civic engagement though the design and development of an interactive gamified platform, based on learning and exchange of views and ideas, combining inclusive non-formal education as well as networking and active community engagement.

The main objectives of the project are:

- Educate and equip young EU citizens with civic skills, through an entertaining and engaging learning environment

- Create an innovative, inclusive non-formal educational tool which addresses diversity in education and training, developing social, civic and intercultural competences and media literacy

- Provide an accessible way for EU young citizens to express their political, economic and social views and opinions and to collaborate with other community members

- Strengthen civic cooperation and exchange of information and good practices across EU

- Combat against social exclusion and civic apathy of EU young adults


  1. Background Analytical Work based on which to provide suggestions, recommendations, and guidelines for the development of a user-friendly, adaptable and widely accessible civic participation and capacity building online platform for young adults;
  2. Design & Development of Curriculum, Storyboards and Content for the “EmpoweringYou” platform  ;
  3. Technological Infrastructure, Web Application and Mobile Application for the “EmpoweringYou” platform;
  4. Pilot Testing for the “EmpoweringYou” platform;
  5. Training Handbook & Training on the ‘EmpoweringYou” platform;



  1. Inova Consultancy Ltd, coordinator (UK)
  2. Kentro Merimnas Oikogeneias Kai Paidiou (GR)
  3. Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology Ltd - CARDET, (CY)
  4. Grupul pentru Integrare Europeana  -  GIE (RO)
  5. Marche Centro Servizi per il Volontariato delle Marche - CSV, (IT)
  6. Asociacion de Personas Participantes Agora (ES)


EMPOWERING YOU LEAFLET (download it here...)

EmpoweringYou Press Release 1 - RO

EmpoweringYou Press Release 1 - EN

EmpoweringYou Press Release 2 - RO

EmpoweringYou Press Release 2 - ΕΝ

EmpoweringYou - News Letter 1 - EN

EmpoweringYou - News Letter 2 - EN

EmpoweringYou - News Letter 2 - RO

EmpoweringYou - News Letter 3 - RO


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