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Social and Cultural Associations Development

Title: Social and Cultural Associations Development
Acronym: SCAD
Project type : SOCRATES/Grundtvig 2
Ref. no.: 04 - G2 - 116 - AG - PT
Promoter: Group for European Integration
Coordinator: Criva - Pensioners and Aged People Centre of Vale da Amoreira, Portugal
Duration: 2 years
Actual stage: finalised
Total value of the Contract for Group for European Integration: 6,605 EUR


More than ever social cohesion of societies in European countries faces strong multi factorial rupture due to social, economical and cultural globalisation and deterioration of quality of life for large number on citizens. From their point of view no doubt that well fare society is a myth they never could image or they are far and far away.
Our project at is scale wants to introduce in fellow citizens in disadvantage a positive, self- engaged and hopeful “practice of citizenship, helping for a change in their isolation and impotence.
Associations in social and cultural area are one of the richest heritages of Europeans, who nevertheless need to re-qualify and reorient their strategies and objectives as well as message in community, as a reason of survival and specially to assume plenty their role.
The learning partnership and learning process intends to interrogate the association paradigm and cross new ways of community relationship and effective mobilisation of his soul resources to develop new actions able to answer to the community groups and individuals needs.
The project will implicate social and cultural associations ' members to build together with staff concrete alternatives at local and European level, as an internal and external citizenship interacting environment.
The learning activities focused on personal and social development of skills, use of ICT innovative tools, developing of continuous training trainers forum, integration of community resources and creation of social and cultural associations platforms and networks are centred on learners' implementation of local intervention projects supported by the learning partnership.
The project European add value is raised up by the transnational meeting and exchange of staff and learners activities as well as by building at this level associations platforms and commitments to continuity solutions development.
We expect a lot we will do the best.

The partnership has a common target group - people with more than 65 years old or in pensioner situation.
European population is becoming older and you verify a great devaluation of non active people, considered a high cost to all society, for who even family can hardly take care.
Their isolation and/ or institutionalisation is the only way they can live.
To fight against this perspective learning can play a major role, valuing the old people life experience, as well as sharing with other groups in community to credit their recognition and affection, and also doing something you like to be motivated for activities at you r own rhythm in later age, in order to enhance a better quality of life.

The project aims are:
- Value the social role of elder people by an active and solidarity participation in community;
- Ensure their autonomy;
- Promote the sharing of the knowledge from their life skills and experience;
- Create an institutional culture of natural relationship involving families and the whole community;
- Induct their needs satisfaction by appropriate proximity social services available for all, in their own affective environment;
- Promote elder people associations to defend their rights and social representation;

The project objectives are:
- Diagnostic of social environment, old people knowledge and sharing groups needs;
- Identify countries social policies and programs to old people and their compare at European level;
- Value the old person as active citizen to enhance their self-esteem and self- knowledge;
- Create condition for the expression of elder citizens knowledge by he intergenerational and interactive sharing relationship with other groups in the community;
- Access to social services supporting life solutions sustained by self-help solidarity groups;
- Involvement of elder citizens at representative associations and community social development process;


1. Criva - Pensioners and Aged People Centre of Vale da Amoreira - PT (Coordinator)
2. City County Council of Barreiro - PT
3. Alytus Labour Market Training and Counselling Service - LT
4. Silale Women's employment and information centre strategic plan - LT
5. CORISS- United Community Health Cooperative - IT
6. Europe Training - IT
7. Group for European Integration - RO