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Title: Us & Them: dialog, tolerance, collaboration for good coexistence in a multicultural world!

Project type: Erasmus+ / Strategic Partnerships for adult education
Ref. no.: 2015-1-RO01-KA204-015131

Promoter /Coordinator: Grupul pentru Intregrare Europeană/Group for European Integration (RO)

Duration: 01.11.2015 to 31.10.2017

Total value of the grant: 230408 Euro

Grant value for Group for European Integration: 31304 Euro

Summary and objectives:

Migration Policy Institute’s report “Multiculturalism: Success, Failure and the Future” (Feb. 2012) draws upon Multiculturalism Policy Index: “[…] multiculturalism in the West emerged as a vehicle for replacing old forms of ethnic and racial hierarchy with new relations of democratic citizenship, and there is some significant, if not yet conclusive, evidence that it is making progress toward the goal”.

Preliminary analysis made by us showed that in Europe exist many ethnicities, each country hosting national and immigrant minorities. This situation exists in project countries - RO, CY, ES, IE, IT, PT, TR, UK. The 2011-2012 censuses in these countries reported various religions: Muslims, Roman Catholics, Protestants, Hebrew, Hindu, Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist, Reformed, Pentecostal, Orthodox, Sunni, Alevi or Sufi.

The social tensions/anti-social deeds generated by multiple factors (i.e. different religious background, cultural traditions, affiliation to ethnicities/social clusters, etc.) can be defused and prevented through non-formal/informal education for tolerance, acceptance, opening, understanding, reciprocal knowledge. The project aims at training AE educators to promote tolerance and understanding of “the other” in multilateral communities. The target groups are AE educators & Adult Learners from cultural conglomerates.

Thus, the envisaged objectives are:

  • To improve AE educators’ competences for handling multi-ethnic groups
  • To promote peaceful coexistence in a multicultural world through quality non-/informal learning on tolerance & understanding of “The Others”.



  • Transnational Report on specific features of diverse European cultures/sub-cultures;
  • Curriculum for Adult educators training course “Managing multicultural and multi-ethnic groups of adult learners for tolerance and good coexistence”;
  • Handbook I “The Adult Educator’s Handbook: a new approach of multiculturalism and religion for peaceful and rightful coexistence”;
  • Training course for Adult educators “Managing multicultural and multi-ethnic groups for tolerance and good coexistence”;
  • Handbook II for learners living in multicultural societies “One day in the shoes of “The Other”;
  • Intensive course for adult learners “One day in the shoes of “The Other”;
  • Case studies;
  • 8 Multipliers events (national dissemination seminars in all partner countries);
  • One short-term joint staff training event in Italy;
  • One blended mobility for learners in Portugal.


  1. Grupul pentru Intregrare Europeană (RO), (coordinator)
  2. Centre for Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology LTD (CY)
  3. Fundación Universidad Empresa de la Región de Murcia (ES)
  4. Louth and Meath Education and Training Board (IE)
  5. Staff Consult S.r.l. (IT)
  6. Associação Nacional Para aAcção Familiar (PT)
  7. Can Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (TR)
  8. Coleg Cambria (UK)


Project results download section:

O2. Curriculum for Adult Educators – EN (download it here...)

O3. Adult Educator’s Handbook I – EN (download it here...)

O4. Training course for Adult Educators – EN (download it here...)

O4. Training course for Adult Educators – RO (download it here...)

O5. Handbook for learners living in multicultural societies “One day in the shoes of “The Other” – EN – (COMMING SOON...!!! WE ARE WORKING ON IT...)

O6. Intensive course for adult learners

  • Course plan – EN (download it here...)
  • Focus group guidelines – EN (download it here...)
  • National report on the intensive course – EN (download it here...)
  • Selection criteria – EN (download it here...)


O7. Case Studies – (COMMING SOON...!!! WE ARE WORKING ON IT...)