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The Education and Training Portfolio of the Group of European Integration comprise the following courses:


Title: Women in public functions in Romania : challenge or necessity?

Aim: This Training Course wants to be a useful tool able to offer access to up-to-date information and legislation (statistics, reports, surveys, laws, decrees, etc.) in the field of women's right of acceding to public functions and to properly train the women for acting as decision makers.

Description: The Training Course intends to change the mentality concerning the woman role within the civil society and to improve of the society's general perception related to the woman's place in politics and in the framework of public authorities.

Type: VET Accredited by NAQ (National Agency for Qualifications) / Non-Acrredited VET / Non-Acrredited Adult Education

EQF Level: EQF3 to EQF 7

Target Group: women having at least a medium level of education; trainers from the formal, informal and non-formal educational systems, entire civil society.

Delivery Method: On-line / Face-to-Face / Blended







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