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Culture in Your Region in Informal Learning [CYRIL]

Title: Culture in Your Region in Informal Learning [CYRIL]
Project type: LLP / Grundtvig - Learning Partnership
Ref. no.: GRU-07-PAR-184-AG-UK

Promoter: Group for European Integration [GIE], Romania

Coordinator: Deeside College, United Kingdom

Duration: 2 years
Actual stage: in progress

Total value for GIE: 15000 Euros


Knowledge, information and exchange of manifold experience about European culture and culture of various, already for a longer time settled ethnic minorities supports the awareness of European citizenship in minds of adult learners and educators. Ways how to acquire such knowledge are extremely important for the quality of learning and for its impact on the manners of learners – adult people in Europe. Just information acquired by informal learning remains in minds deep-rooted. The aim of the project CYRIL is to present the most successful and efficient methods using the features of informal learning, which motivate people to learn. Partners will demonstrate their ways of provision of education focused on the active European citizenship through non-formal and informal learning used in their organisations involving to this work some local cultural organisations (museums, theatres, crafts, leisure time hobbies activities, etc.). Diverse shared and exchanged experience from the cultural heritage of various regions will contribute to the increased quality of the work of participating organisations in the year of European culture. Workshops with local cultural organisations will be organised in the framework of partners meetings with the aim to strengthen the awareness of European citizenship regions-wide.


* To contribute to active European citizenship and to share information on various elements of European culture with the aim to prepare both adult educators and learners for the European Year of Culture 2008.

* To develop and maintain new quality of the active European citizenship based on the awareness of the treasure of the European cultural heritage.

* To share and exchange within the partnership the most appropriate and efficient methods and ways of the learning how the bring to adult people updated and important knowledge about the European culture and how to keep them in their minds.

* To disseminate outcomes of the project in partners countries.


1. Deeside College – UK (Coordinator)

2. Group for European Integration [GIE], Romania

3. ATHENA – Association for Education and Development of Women – CZ

4. The Learning Centre in Akureyri – IS

5. Social Innovation Fund – LT

6. ONECO Organización de Educación Comunitaria - ES