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Wo-Men: Gender Equality Creates Democracy

Title: Gender Equality Creates Democracy
Acronym: WO-MEN
Project type : SOCRATES/Grundtvig 1 - pilot project
Ref. no.: 109771-CP-1-2003-1-LT-GRUNDTVIG-G1
Promoter/coordinator: Social Innovation Fund , Lithuania
Duration: 3 years
Actual stage: finalised
Total value of the Contract: 569,623 EUR
Total value for Group for European Integration: 46,500 EUR
Web site:

The project aims to promote European value on gender equality and democracy through lifelong learning and to develop quantitative and qualitative instruments to monitor the application of gender sensitive policies. The sustainable, democratic development of the society could not be ensured without gender-balanced policy taking into account representation, resources and results. That is why the project targets policy and decision makers, adult educators and leaders of NGOs which could influence and improve gender-balanced policy on local, regional and national levels towards the needs of gender-discriminated people . This project will contribute also to the EU enlargement by giving possibility to share good practices on gender equality machinery and policies from Western Countries, where this process started more that twenty years ago, with Accession countries, in which gender equality policies exist only in their conception. Main activities are oriented for stimulating of demand for lifelong learning on gender equality and developing social partnership between organisations from the civil society and the political world to bring about gender equality initiatives for the most disadvantaged people.

The main outputs are:
Report on comparative analysis of the structures of gender equality machinery in the countries involved.
Good practice guide on implementation of innovative measures in the partnership countries to promote gender equality through life long learning.
Survey report on qualitative and/or quantitative indicators of gender equality/inequality
Curricula and electronic manual on a CD-ROM "Gender equality education for policy and decision makers, adult educators and leaders of NGO's

For more info please visit:

1. Social Innovation Fund - LT (Coordinator)
2. Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman - LT
3. Women's Enterprise Agency - FI
4. Finnish Institute of Occupation Health - FI
5. Stockport College of Further And Higher Education - UK
6. Group for Europea Integration - RO
7. Association for Education and Development of Women - CZ
8. The State College of Education in Vienna - AT
9. Association of Spread of Knowledge “Missal - BG