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Back to School - A Chance for Better Life [BtoS]

Title: Back to School - A Chance for Better Life [BtoS]

WEB Adress:

Project type
: LLP / Grundtvig - multilateral

Ref. no.: 134677 – LLP-1-2007-1-SE-GRUNDTVIG-GMP

Promoter/coordinator: VIVA Municipal Education Komvux Mimer, SE

Duration: 2 years

Actual stage: in progress Total value of the Contract: 325.515 Euros Total value for the Group for European Integration: 23.849 Euros


to provide the adult communities of potential learners with the necessary tools and support to return to the formal educational system.
Target groups: learners who leave after a short time of attendance, adolescents who have not completed secondary school, older people (30+) wishing to take up an academic pathway, uneducated housewives and unemployed (19+).
Objectives: * To evaluate the actual situation of the target groups related to the formal educational systems. * To establish practical ways to re-integrate the target group into the formal educational system. * To pilot the outcomes. * To re-fine and produce the final versions of the project outcomes. * To disseminate the project.
Main activities: * Managerial activities. * Need Analysis & Field Research Activities. * Designing and producing the didactic outcomes. * Piloting activities and Refining activities. * Designing and producing the multi-media didactic outcomes. * Dissemination activities.
1. Survey Report: "Actual stage of school abandon in the countries involved"
2. Report upon the Need Analysis & Field Research: "Main obstacles to come back to school. What can be done?"
3. Intensive training course for adult educators and other interested public: "Welcoming them back to school"
4. Good Practice Guide for LLL Trainers, Tutors, HR responsible: "Are they out…? Bring them in…!"
5. Help-kit for the direct beneficiaries: "I do need more school? How can I get it?"
6. Personal development tool:"From <Who am I> to <What I will be>"
7. Open web-based forum: "Back to School"
8. Educational CD-ROM: "Back to school… A new chance for all"
9. Educational web-site - "Back to school… A new chance for all"
10. Dissemination Tools & Outcomes


1. VIVA Municipal Education Komvux Mimer – SE (coordinator)

2. Group for European Integration – RO

3. Municipal Centre for Adult Education “PestaloZZi” - BE

4. Euroface Consulting s.r.o. – CZ

5. Centro de Educación Permanente de Personas Adultas "Aluche" – ES

6. The Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz – PL

7. Gaziantep Provincial Education Directorate - TR

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