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WBTT for H&S

Title: WBTT for H&S – Web Based Training Tools for Health and Safety

Project type: LLP / LdV – Transfer of Innovation project
Ref. no.: 2013–1-ES1-LEO05-66909

Promoter /Coordinator: COCETA: Confederacion Espanola de Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado, ES

Duration: 01/10/2013 - 30/09/2015
Total value of the grant: 266.901,72 Euro

Grant value for Group for European Integration: 21.674,52 Euro

Summary and objectives:

Health and safety at work is one of the areas where the EU has had the biggest impact – with a solid legal framework covering the maximum number of risks with the minimum number of regulations. Health and safety at work is now one of the most important and most advanced areas of EU social policy. As reported in the mid-term review of the current strategy (2007-12, recently released by the Commission (SEC(2011) 547), occupational hazards are still relatively high for certain categories of workers (young, older, migrant workers, workers with insecure jobs), for certain types of companies (SME enterprises are particularly exposed, accounting for 82% of all occupational injuries and 90% of all fatal accidents), and for certain sectors, as healthcare and welfare services. In this context, the information and training of workers are universally recognized as effective measures to improve workplace health and safety. Within the project "H & S - Training Programme for Health and Safety in the cleaning industry", funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme in 2010, COCETA, Oltremodo, Inforcoop, APSHTDC and ANJAF collaborated to the implementation and the transfer of tools and methodologies easy to use and useful to ensure safety at work in the field of civil and industrial cleaning.

The general objective of the project "Web Based Training Tools for Health & Safety" is to transfer the model tested in the social sector, providing a large number of training agencies and companies - from those affiliated to the networks of the project partners – with methodologies and training toolkits for workplace safety on a "friendly" support, multilingual and of easy consultation for the working men and women in the social sector, adapting and implementing a training audiovisual product for security, already successful in the cleaning industry. The product will offer the opportunity to focus more on certain types of workers (women, youth, migrants), on the most critical phases of work for workers (new hires, job changes, innovations in the production process, etc.) and on specific characteristics of the social sector. The new product will be developed in e-learning formats and will be available on-line.


The main expected results are:

- the spreading, trough the VET agencies and the enterprises of the social sector of the output of the project;

- the improvement of the effectiveness of the training of workers and consequentially their protection of the health and safety at work.


1. Coceta (Confederacion Espanola de Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado), ES (cordionator)

2. Inforcoop - National training Institute of the National Cooperative League and Mutuals, IT

3. Oltremodo crossmedia co-think, IT



6. Group for European Inrtegration, RO

7. Balkanplan, BG


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