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Reliable GREEN

Title and acronym: Remote work, telework and learning with innovative and accessible educational resources for businesses and labor markets in Europeans Green Economy [Reliable GREEN]

Project type:  Erasmus+ KA2 Project, Strategic Partnership for VET

Ref. no.: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-VET-000025443

Promoter /Coordinator: Grupul pentru Integrare Europeană (GIE), Romania

Duration: 01/02/2022 to 31/01/2024

Total project grant: 257.430 Euro

Total expenditure (grant) for the Group for European Integration (GIE): 38.840 Euro

Local coordinator for Group for European Integration (GIE): Dr. Carmen Andreea Burcea


Reliable GREEN project intends to provide the training framework for adult educators, employees and future employees so as to develop their digital, software and transversal skills and abilities that help them to easily adapt to this new accelerated international trend.

Providing these skills and competencies and encouraging companies and policy makers to continue to adopt telework will bring innumerable social, economic and environmental benefits, having a medium and long-term impact on the European community. Therefore, the project will meet these needs and support the SMEs and VET tutors by providing tailored education and training materials that will build the key skills and competences in back-office employees and SMEs leaders.

Actually, the project aims to develop bespoke training methodologies, curriculum and resources that will address the needs of back-office employees, SMEs leaders and VET tutors in order to adapt to a remote working environment and make it a reality for the business environment.

In this way, the project will definitely cultivate European companies, digitized, oriented towards environmental approach.


Establish a labor market hub at the level of each partner country in order to support the implementation of telework

Address the gap in the provision of VET to support SMEs employees to up skill for a remote working environment

Empower VET tutors with skills, competences and attitudes necessary to design innovative and technology-oriented training activities and services for companies

Foster SMEs employees' digital, soft and transversal skills for adapting to a remote working environment

Improve employees’ wellbeing, motivation and productivity when working online

Draw up of innovative and easily accessible educational resources for innovative working practices

Develop an e-learning platform focused on self-assessment and training accessible to all

Providing management tools for SMEs leaders in order to empower them to digitally manage the organization activity

Increase flexibility in working patterns at the level of SMEs


The project outcomes are quite complex, focusing on the quality development and implementation of project activities and also on responding to all needs which formed the base of our approach and attempt. Thus, the consortium collaboration and activities will result in:

Labor Market Analysis and Hub Opportunities - will provide a solid knowledge base for the methodology and resources to be designed by the partners in order to facilitate the adaptation of the management and employees of small and medium companies to telework.

Getting ready to teach and train with technology – Methodological guidelines- will empower VET tutors to create, organize and manage authentic, innovative and engaging training activities for companies’ employers and employees remotely.

Continuous Professional Development Curriculum - will develop the digital, soft and transversal skills and competences of the employees, so that they can adapt to the new work environment, without feeling the changes at psychological level, being affected their productivity, motivation and work results.

Adaptive Telework Toolkit for SMEs - will provide the necessary resources for employees to improve and adapt their professional activity to the new organization.

Innovative educational resources compendium for SMEs leaders - will develop the competencies of the future for managing the professional activity of small and medium companies in the context of digitalization and globalization.

E-learning platform - is the essential project result which incorporates all project resources and offers the tool necessary to allocate access to the resources according to the user’s interest and expertise.


Grupul pentru Integrare Europeana (Romania) - coordinator

Centre for advancement of research and development in educational technology LTD-Cardet (Cyprus)

Future in perspective limited (Ireland)

Rightchallenge - Associação (Portugal)

Universitaet Paderborn (Germany)

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