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Pour des Actions Moins Excluantes

Title: Pour des Actions Moins Excluantes [PAME]

Project type: LLP / Grundtvig – Accompanying measures

Ref. no.: 503258-LLP-1-2009-1-FR-GRUNDTVIG-GAM

Promoter/coordinator: Fédération des Centres d’Insertion, Lille, France

Duration: 2 years
Actual stage: in progress

Total value of the Contract: 199.997 Euro

Total value of the grant for GIE: 15.171 Euro

The education and training needs of the categories in difficulty request complex and transversal answers which associate the social re-inclusion, re-socialization, re-stimulation and restructuring of self image, reinforcement of the key competences and also apprenticeship.


Starting from here and by the bias of a action-research, our PAME project has as objectives: making the large public sensitive to the permanent training needs of the categories in difficulty, exploiting the innovative methodologies and strategies by the dissemination of the results related to the teaching and apprenticeship which facilitate the access of the categories in difficulty to the training offers.

The exchanges of knowledge and practices contribute to making better known the good practices at European level, in a framework built based on shared competences.

We may emphasize also on the fact that the project will impact upon the pedagogic teams (the trainers), on the systems of teaching and apprenticeship and on our institutional partners by new pedagogic stimuli.

Target groups: Categories of people in difficulty


The diversity of the competence fields of the partner organizations and also the experience obtained in the framework of European projects will lead us to produce the following outcomes:

  • · Textbook and DVD (toolkit for the actors of the field, containing a selection ofgood practices, methods and innovative tool for putting into practice the training activities ; the actors involved the training of the target group – people in difficulty – could use it according to the local context and situation).
  • · Website (a platform as a working space for the project implementation; the website will contain information on the involved partners and actors, the content and the methodology of the project, the organized activities).
  • · Transnational seminars on EFTLV (2 days) in PT, IT, RO.
  • · Final conference of the project in ES.
  • · Questionnaire for periodical evaluation of the project progress
  • · External evaluation report upon project implementation
  • · Dissemination articles in journals and newspapers
  • · Interim and Final Report on project’s activities.


1. Federation des Centres d’Insertion, Lille, FR – coordinator


3. Diputacion de Granada, Granada, ES


5. Associaçao Nacional de Jovens para a Acçao Familiar, Lisbon, PT

6. Grupul pentru Integrare Europeana, Pitesti, RO